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Jake Herbert Interview

November 3, 2014 — Leave a comment
Jake's a Stronger Wrestler

Jake’s a Stronger Wrestler


Jake Herbert is going to change the game. Currently, small part time wrestling clubs can’t keep up with the 24/7 nature and elite coaching of the super clubs. Jake Herbert aims to correct that.

He’s come up with a System called BASE Wrestling that is a long term curriculum combining athleticism, drilling, flexibility, live wrestling, and world class technique to set up wrestling clubs and wrestlers with the foundation to be incredibly successful on and off the mat. If anyone can do it, Jake can. Check out a small sample of his resume:

  • 2012 Olympian (84kg/185 lbs)
  • 2009 World silver medalist (84kg/185 lbs)
  • 2009 NCAA champion (184 pounds)
  • 2007 NCAA champion (184 pounds)
  • 2006 NCAA All-American (2nd, 174 pounds)
  • 2005 NCAA All-American (3rd, 174 pounds)
  • Three-time Big Ten champion (2006, ’07, ’09)
  • Career Collegiate Record: 149-4 (5th in NCAA all-time win%)
  • 2009 Dan Hodge Trophy recipient
  • Top 10 wrestler of the 2000’s

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Dr. Ralph Cornwell

Dr. Ralph Cornwell

Concussions have been an incredibly prevalent and controversial topic over the past few years. The NFL recently settled a landmark lawsuit, and many other sports, both male and female, are seeing large instances of brain trauma due to concussions. With athletes becoming bigger, stronger, and more physical every year, it seems this problem will only get worse. Thankfully, Dr. Ralph Cornwell is working on changing that.

Recently I had the pleasure to interview a cutting edge neck researcher in Dr. Ralph Cornwell. Dr. Cornwell has worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at numerous programs including Westpoint and the Washington Redskins. Since that time, he is now currently traveling the world educating Professional, Collegiate, and High School Sports programs on the benefits and protocol he has set up for training the neck. He is as passionate as he is knowledgeable on neck strengthening, and I learned a great deal from him. Check out his research dissertation here.


I had initially planned on making it a simple interview similar to what you’ve seen previously in the interview series. However, due to his passion in his field, and our shared mutual interest in improving and strengthening the human body, we tended to veer off-topic. I’d like to post some things that I learned from that I believe will help you in your wrestling as well as concussion prevention.


Concussions may not be 100% preventable, but we can get close.

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An interview with Steve Borja

December 11, 2013

In keeping with our “Interview Series”, our next guest is my good friend, Steve Borja. A former National Qualifier at Virginia Tech, and current D1 coach at Franklin and Marshall, he has experience and wisdom to impart as both a high level competitor and coach. Here it is:

Steve Borja

Steve Borja

SW: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Accomplishments, current position, etc.
Steve: I was a Pennsylvania AAA state runner-up in 2001, undefeated state champion in 2002.  I was a multiple time high school all-american.  I received a full scholarship to Virginia Tech.  In college I was a 4 year letter winner with a 86 wins, 35 of them bonus point victories.  I placed in the top 3 at the Southern Scuffle twice, won the West Virginia open, Kent State open, and North Carolina open.  I was also 2x first team All-ACC and in 2005 qualified for the NCAA tournament.  I began coaching at DI Millersville University for 3 years, where I coached 6 NCAA qualifiers and 2 academic all-americans.  I am in my first year as an assistant coach at DI Franklin & Marshall College.
SW: How long have you been involved in wrestling and coaching?

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February 13, 2013

It’s a sad day.

It's a very valid question to ask.

It’s a very valid question to ask.

Starting in 2020, there will no longer be any wrestling featured in the Olympics. No more brute strength, blazing speed, or awe inspiring technique to see. No more Jordan Burroughs chasing John Smiths’ records, or seeing Kurt Angle break down after winning gold. Long gone are the days of wondering if Cael Sanderson and Dan Gable can continue their college dominance on a world stage, or if anyone will ever beat Alexander Karelin. The young athletes who bleed, sweat, and cry to one day realize their dream of Olympic Gold are now out of luck.

How could this not inspire you?

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Ryan and Corey Hope

Ryan and Corey Hope

On February 5th, 2013, Corey and Ryan Hope will embark on a 4 month journey across the world to Armenia. The brothers will be traveling there to train with some of the world’s best Greco-Roman Wrestlers on their quest to become future Olympians. These two are clearly very passionate and driven and I am sure they will reach their goal.

Corey and Ryan were gracious enough to make some time to give us an interview telling us a little bit about their trip, their desire to compete and train with the best, and how other countries around the world stack up to America in terms of Strength, Conditioning, and Power (Hint: American’s are way behind). Ryan and Corey, thank you so much for your time. For starters, tell us a little about yourselves, your careers so far, and what you’re doing now.

Ryan: Corey and I trained at the Olympic Training Center in Marquette, Michigan for the last four and a half years. We got our degree there and were able to compete, train, and get an education there. We graduated in December and in that month and a half we’ve been fundraising for this trip to Armenia. Basically this trip is to get an inside view of what the foreigners do in regards to their training, their technique, their conditioning, their strengthening, flexibility, and also get the experience of competing and training with them. Armenia right now is one of the top 5, top 3 countries in the world for Greco-Roman Wrestling so when you train and compete with the best, once you get your tail kicked around, you start getting better. You understand what you did wrong, understand how to get better… Continue Reading…