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Jake Herbert Interview

November 3, 2014 — Leave a comment
Jake's a Stronger Wrestler

Jake’s a Stronger Wrestler


Jake Herbert is going to change the game. Currently, small part time wrestling clubs can’t keep up with the 24/7 nature and elite coaching of the super clubs. Jake Herbert aims to correct that.

He’s come up with a System called BASE Wrestling that is a long term curriculum combining athleticism, drilling, flexibility, live wrestling, and world class technique to set up wrestling clubs and wrestlers with the foundation to be incredibly successful on and off the mat. If anyone can do it, Jake can. Check out a small sample of his resume:

  • 2012 Olympian (84kg/185 lbs)
  • 2009 World silver medalist (84kg/185 lbs)
  • 2009 NCAA champion (184 pounds)
  • 2007 NCAA champion (184 pounds)
  • 2006 NCAA All-American (2nd, 174 pounds)
  • 2005 NCAA All-American (3rd, 174 pounds)
  • Three-time Big Ten champion (2006, ’07, ’09)
  • Career Collegiate Record: 149-4 (5th in NCAA all-time win%)
  • 2009 Dan Hodge Trophy recipient
  • Top 10 wrestler of the 2000’s

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Jordan Burroughs Double Leg

Who has a faster double leg? This dude just scored 2 takedowns in 15 seconds against David Taylor (also on our list) .

With some of the best reflexes and fakes out there, Jordan Burroughs went 69-0 in senior level competition. An incredible athlete and probably one of the best of all time.

Dan Hodge’s Grip


We’ve written about this extensively here at Dan Hodge was a brutally strong guy and would often leave his opponents bruised and battered because of it. Continue Reading…


February 13, 2013

It’s a sad day.

It's a very valid question to ask.

It’s a very valid question to ask.

Starting in 2020, there will no longer be any wrestling featured in the Olympics. No more brute strength, blazing speed, or awe inspiring technique to see. No more Jordan Burroughs chasing John Smiths’ records, or seeing Kurt Angle break down after winning gold. Long gone are the days of wondering if Cael Sanderson and Dan Gable can continue their college dominance on a world stage, or if anyone will ever beat Alexander Karelin. The young athletes who bleed, sweat, and cry to one day realize their dream of Olympic Gold are now out of luck.

How could this not inspire you?

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