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My name is Gabriel Salinas-Jones and I have been a strength coach for almost a decade now in addition to competing as a professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter. After seeing so many of my athletes and their coaches coming in to my gym clueless about Strength and Conditioning programming for wrestling, I decided to start this blog. I have seen many wrestlers improve dramatically through a proper Strength and Conditioning program, and want to do what I can to help those out there who lack the resources, but have the desire.

I own and operate a Performance Facility in Addison, IL called OA Athletics, have fought for Strikeforce and currently fight with the XFC. I discovered wrestling late in my life, when I first started my MMA training at around 17. Since then I have been blessed to work with Middle School all the way to Olympic level athletes in both my Fighting and Strength and Conditioning careers.

Early in my career, I was an Undergraduate Assistant at Virginia Tech working with the Football, Basketball, and Wrestling teams. I’ve worked with various high school teams, a NBDL team, and hundreds of other individual athletes. I received my B.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech in 2006, as well as my NSCA-CPT and CSCS certifications.

Please feel free to ask any questions about your training on my contact form. I will answer questions weekly as a blog post. Enjoy!

Gabe Salinas

Gabriel Salinas-Jones, B.S., CSCS, NSCA-CPT is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Former Pro MMA Fighter, and Jiu-Jitsu Athlete in the Chicagoland Area. His goal is to help you #raisethebar in your training, practices, and life. Find out more at http://www.GabeSalinas.com or http://www.sportslabllc.com

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