One Month to Pullup Mastery

Sky Rocket your pulling power!

I’ve spent a lot of time really tweaking this program to get it right! As we all know, Cael Sanderson was told by his coach Bobby Douglas that if he “wanted to be an OLYMPIC CHAMPION” he had to become a pullup expert. Wrestling is all about pulling. Pulling down on the head and pulling in single legs, body locks, or gut wrenches.

I have formulated this one month to pullup mastery to elevate your pullups skills and get you a higher spot on the podium!

This program is Simple, not easy!

It’s simple to understand and simple to plan. I can’t say the work will be easy though! All you have to do is open up the excel file, type in your current pullup rep max, the date you plan on starting, and your current bodyweight!

Pullups are one of the tools that will get you to the top!

This program is designed to be followed to a “T”. Do not attempt to add or subtract anything, and don’t double up on days! Every one of my athletes that has used it thus far has increased on average, 33% on their pullups! That is a huge percentage in a month. Without further ado, here is One Month to Pullup Mastery. Please Email Me or Contact Us and let us know how it worked out for you!!

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